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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Pete Chapman, had always dreamed of making it big and he did by becoming the British Bodybuilding Champion in .
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This book can be your basic tool, your very own "pocket" life coach to help you rediscover the healthiest, most productive, positive and creative YOU. This book will show you how to bring your true desires, talents, powers and purpose out of your thoughts and into your life and stop the cycle of creating problems, drama, difficulty and illness.

It is about understanding what potentials you have and how to develop them, how to recognize and overcome your limitations, fears and recurring obstacles. We all have a better self inside--all we need to do is learn how to bring it out. With hundreds of suggestions, The Pocket Life Coach is designed to help you manage your stress, organize your time, eat better, develop your creativity and develop yourself into the best you that you can possibly be. Pete Chapman , had always dreamed of making it big and he did by becoming the British Bodybuilding Champion in After breaking free of his body obsession and drug dependency, he went on to study yoga, nutrition, philosophy and many other healing arts which eventually led to his own radio fitness show.

Today he mentors and trains teenagers to be healthy and successful and drug free. Visit Seller's Storefront. History Bookshop Ltd. Email: thehistorybookshop gmail. List this Seller's Books. As I have experienced more years on this planet and more of the interwoven tapestry of life I have realised how closely happiness and sadness live to each other. How love and loss are two sides of the same coin.

On the happiest of days, like a birthday, wedding or new baby being born, we cannot help but be reminded of those we wish were still near. This is not meant to be morbid, quite the opposite; being utterly present with what is, it is undeniable how love does not exist without loss from a human perspective. Any and everything we love will be at some point lost to our human selves, in the most extreme sense one or other will eventually die, with so many other types of loss in between.

From a universal perspective there is no loss, and love is unlimited; we are all love and whether our relationships change or one of us dies, our love continues infinitely. But our sweet human selves struggle deeply with loss and grief, my understanding is that grief is love with no where to go. As we travel through this life, love and loss are going to be our carriage mates, without doubt. So how do we move through and integrate these experiences? Feel them all, let them exist in you, let them move through you, let them devastate you when you are devastated, let them lift you higher than you could ever imagine when you are joyful.

I know how scary and painful it can be, and how much we might want to escape those feelings by abandoning and numbing ourselves. Brene Brown, excellent author and researcher, did a Ted Talk in which she talked about the extreme version of any emotion, good or bad, is what triggers addicts to fall off the wagon. That really feeling the depth of our love AND loss feels just as uncomfortable to us.

Taking Good Care of Yourself

Which is why we see alcohol as the societal norm for all happy and sad occasions; why people get so drunk at weddings and at funerals. Different sides of the same coin. There is no judgement for numbing, we have all done it in some way or another, at times it may even be essential.

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However I have learnt that when we allow our hard feelings to truly be felt, at an appropriate time, it hurts but there is hope and connection, and when we suppress and numb our feelings there is despair and disconnection. This subject is on my mind as I have lost a most beloved soul in my life recently. At his memorial I adapted a poem, of unknown origin, which I would like to share with you in the hope these words may soothe you too in times of grief…. When I am gone, release me, let me go. I am safe and happy, I want you to know. I gave you my love and you can only guess, how much you gave to me in happiness.

So grieve for me a while if grieve you must, then let your grief be comforted by trust, that it is only for a while that we must part, so treasure our memories within your heart. What happened?

TMHS 269: How Your Level Of Self-Love Impacts Your Health, Happiness, And Success

You can use this same inner GPS to make good choices for your individual health and wellbeing. For years I followed strict nutritional plans, cutting out all sorts of food types, I even did a 7 day juice fast once! I felt awful at the end of it! I am all for cleanses and eating healthful food, however I was enforcing rigid, external structures onto my body and the results were not great. I was constantly having to monitor myself and felt like I was just a little bit heavier than I would like to be. However there is another way to approach diet and exercise…. When I actively did the work to connect more deeply with my intuition, and chose to make my intuitive guidance a priority in my decision making, I discovered a sense of ease and enjoyment around staying healthy that I had never experienced before.

For the last few years I have eaten, for the most part, exactly what I want, when I want. Same goes for exercise, I do the type of exercise that my body is asking for, not what the latest fad is. By tuning into the wisdom and messages from my body I make choices that make me feel good and are good for me. Would it feel light or heavy? Would it feel energising or draining? Would it make me feel nourished and satisfied, or not?

For example when socialising I used to drink wine, because that what girls do, girls drink wine and boys drink beer — right?! When I started listening to my body I realised my body likes beer, and not wine. Wine gives me a headache and makes me feel heavy in my body, whereas beer suits me much better. When I started listening I found my body very rarely wants tea, and when it occasionally does I have a cup and love it. The voice in my head usually speaks first e. So I give myself just a moment to tune in, how would I feel if I ate one now? Not would I feel guilty, but how would I feel in my body.

I also know my body likes to move in lots of different ways, it gets bored and stiff if I do the same type of exercise over and over again. I still set my alarm to exercise and would sometimes rather snooze it than get up and go to the gym. Not only does my body look and feel better than ever, I feel good about my health. I am not constantly second guessing and counting up all the things have consumed that day in order to work out how guilty I should feel, and therefore how long I need to train for the next day to balance the calorie intake.

In fact I rarely think about it, it frees up space and time in my head and in my day to enjoy and relax and appreciate.

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Doing research and being well informed about food choices, exercise and general health is wonderful — I am not suggesting you throw all scientific research and expert recommendations out the window. I am inviting you to create a moment of space to tune into your body, tuning into your intuition, to confirm what feels right to you in this moment. As I was planning to write this blog I was watching an IG live video from the one and only Brene Brown — what a superstar she is! The quote above is hers. She was talking about her new book, called Dare to Lead.

She was showing us the different elements of what it takes to be an exceptional leader, and they are; brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts — how perfect! The difficult conversations we usually need to have are with our partners, our family, our friends and our work colleagues — not all at once hopefully!

Why is it so important to have these conversations? And to practice and be good at them?

Because relationships are central to our lives, our sense of fulfilment and can lead us to feel wonderful, and terrible. It is important that we communicate our boundaries, our needs and our feelings in order for our relationships to be healthy and supportive. Your mental and emotional space and energy is being taken up by all this noise, when it could be filled with possibility, imagination and inspired creation. Which would you rather? So having the conversations clears that space for you, and it honours the other person by allowing them to take the part in the monologue that otherwise only happens in your head, or worse it becomes gossipy and judgey when you talk to other people about it.

As an Intuitive Life Coach I teach my clients a set of principles and steps to follow when preparing for a difficult conversation. Doing the preparation may seem laborious, however it will set you up in the best possible way to: a get a good outcome from the conversation and b have you both feeling loved and creating deeper connection, rather than separation.

See what Lydia’s clients have to say…

As you are the leader of your life showing up to your difficult conversations being vulnerable is essential, it allows the other person to connect with you and a heart level which means they will much more likely hear you and not immediately jump to defensiveness. Honesty is crucial too because there is no point in skirting around the issue, or sugar coating it, as the message will not get through and the outcome will not be effective. When we spend time together, or go on dates, it upsets me when you spend so much time on your phone. Is that right? I would really appreciate that.

Thank you so much for your openness in having this conversation with me, I feel so much better. Your unique way of expressing yourself, with vulnerability and honesty, is perfect and this tool will deepen your connections with those close to you, freeing up your energy and cultivating relationships to enable you to be a fabulous leader in your life.

How do you feel about forgiveness? Are there still people and situations that you are holding to resentment about? How do you feel about forgiving yourself? The path of consciously creating a life of full of freedom and love is a continuous process of manifesting and clearing: manifesting is reaching into the future, into your vortex, to summon your desires into your reality and clearing is removing the blocks and behaviours that are keeping you stuck. Forgiveness is a clearing practice, and not necessarily an easy one.

Can you imagine that your body and your mind can hold a limited number of ideas, memories and feelings, that your body and mind are split up into different compartments containing all these experiences, and how you feel about them. To me it feels light and bright like a bunch of fairies dancing about on a breeze. Now bring to mind a bad or sad experience — how does that feel? To me it feels like a brick, weighted down with a barbell tied up with a massive anchor — heavy right?

Past resentments and feelings of guilt are just that, they are heavy and weigh us down. We can release much of that weight by letting go of the resentment, we let go of the resentment through forgiveness. For me the biggest challenge in the practice of forgiveness is to forgive myself. I can quite easily see how others have caused me hurt and suffering as a result of their own pain and destructive tendencies.

How did I let that happen? Often I need to forgive things I have done, or decisions I have made, which have only really hurt myself.


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So how do we actually forgive others and ourselves? Going over the list though may not be so easy, it may bring up some of those old feelings and stir up emotions you have buried. Give yourself some space and lots of love during this process. You can take one thing from your list each day and sit with it, feel the emotions, perhaps you run through the series of events in your head. Now can you start to look beyond the impact it had on you for a moment and question what was toxic, what was in pain and what was suffering in that person or yourself at that time?

Can you start to eek out a little compassion for what pain in the other or yourself precipitated the pain you then experienced as a result? This process may take time and some resentments and past hurts will probably take numerous intentions to forgive before you are able to fully let go.

Know that each step you take on this journey to forgiveness is clearing out heavy, negative compartments from your body, and from your energetic field, in order to make space for the good, happy and delightful to come in. This is super vulnerable, so I am very nervous about posting!!