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How to Install And get Started

That will change over time, though, with more integrations into the Windows ecosystem. For now, this is very much a first preview and meant to give web and extensions developers a platform for testing their sites and tools. Right now, when you install the Edge preview builds, you get the option to choose your new tab layout. There is, however, also another option that highlights recent news from Microsoft News, with the option to personalize what you see on that page. Microsoft also says that it plans to improve tab management and other UI features as it looks at how it can differentiate its browser from the rest.

In this first preview, some of the syncing features are also already in place, but there are a few holes here.

So while bookmarks sync, extensions, your browsing history, settings, open tabs, addresses and passwords do not. That, too, will obviously change in upcoming builds. Microsoft tells me that it prioritized getting a full end-to-end browser code base to users and setting up the engineering systems that will allow it to both push regular updates outside of the Windows update cycle and to pull in telemetry data from its users.

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The beta option, which will be the most stable and updates every six weeks, is not available. You should probably keep that in mind and not use this browser for anything important. In our very early testing, it at least seems stable enough for casual browsing. Also, Microsoft states in its blog that this is for bit Windows 10 only for now.

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Installing the new Edge browser is a pretty straightforward affair. Pick Dev Channel for a more stable option, Canary for bleeding edge and a first look at new features and probably new bugs. Next, you can import data from other browsers. Click on the more options in the top right corner which looks like three horizontal dots then click on settings.

Ideal to have simmering in the background while writing. A lot of my latest writing is heavily inspired by this.

Favorite track: Quiet Sky. Surrealistic H. Belted Son. Michael Plugge. Rusty Hodge [SomaFM]. Dimitry Andric. Andrew Smith.

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Alun Ward. Ghola Hayt. Roland Bertram. Jesper Wiking.


Ryan Madej. Ben Lawrence. Andrew Trevenen. Ken Eve. Shane Doyle.

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Jack Aitken. Cody Madsen. Jeff Easton. Martin DaCosta. Steve Jenson.