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Clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting, and formally known as Inanimate This is a new shotgun game that offers sporting clays and FITASC target Targets are thrown either as singles or doubles from one or more traps . The helice is composed of two winged plastic propellers with a white clay in the.
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Looking for a great sporting clays course to keep your shooting on target? Members and non-members are welcome to enjoy our Open Shoots offered twice weekly all year-round.

Confident Shotgunning - Sporting Clays, Trap Shooting, Skeet Shooting

Exciting corporate outings that offer unique experiences for your entire group. All-inclusive packages and an on-site event planner make our sporting clays course the ultimate team building adventure. The sporting clays course caters to shooters seeking a truly unique experience. With over 30 fully automated traps across 2 ranges, the number of clay pigeon presentations and realistic bird hunting shots is endless.

The course is open year-round and provides a complete shooting experience for the beginner all the way up to the master class competitor. Turkey hunting has become increasingly popular over the past few years. For many hunters it is an IVA - Email: team hunting-spot. Read all the posts. Go to homepage. How to shoot clay targets and improve your scores. So do you want to shoot and break more clay pigeons? Seeing the lead in clay shooting In the various types of shooting the clays are launched at a variable initial speed , but they always leave the trap quite fast.

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So how much lead? And how can you estimate it? So you have to rely on experience and instinct.

What is Sporting Clays?

How to see the lead when clay shooting Shooters mostly use two techniques to see the lead. My advice is to try both and see which one gets you most clays: Firing by tracking the trajectory of the target, stopping the shotgun to take your shot: In this case you point the shotgun at where the clay will leave the trap.

At just the right distance, stop moving your gun and take the shot. Firing with the shotgun moving: As above, you track the trajectory of the clay by following it with your body and the rib on your gun.

Don't Look Down the Barrel - Sporting Clays Tip

The gun overtakes the clay in a natural way and, without stopping moving the gun as it passes your target, you take a shot without jerking the gun. Do you want to hear some great tips from a pro shooter?

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You need concentration and training Clay shooting is a very physically and mentally tiring sport. Does changing your shotgun stock work?

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At the end of the 18th Century live pigeons released by hand, were used to practice the new sport of shooting birds on the wing. In The sport of live pigeon shooting was made illegal and the shooting of artificial targets i.

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