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Her second is the result of artificial insemination using Zack's sperm. Kendall also had a child by Ryan who one donated sperm and was suspected to be the father of Bianca's second child, but was actually the father of another child entirely. What it boils down to is that Miranda, the elder daughter of Bianca and Gabrielle, the younger daughter are half-sisters as well as first cousins. Sharing the same mother, but their fathers are brothers.

Gabrielle and Ian, Zack and Kendall's son are first cousins and half-brother and sister. Sharing the same father, but their mothers are sisters. Miranda and Ian are double first cousins since their fathers are brothers and mothers are sisters. Making this even more complicated is that Kendall and Bianca are half-sisters also, sharing the same mother in Erica Kane meaning that Gabrielle and Miranda only share one grandparent with Ian.

That doesn't even cover the half of it. Let's just consider the Chandler family for a moment. Adam Chandler has been married thirteen times , and had two affairs. Between those marriages he had five children Hayley, J. R, Anna, Colby, and Miguel and raised Skye as his own before discovering they weren't related. And he adopted his nephew Scott. R had an affair with Annie wife 13 to break them up, and now they've fallen in love.

But Annie is engaged to Scott, and used to be married to Ryan, who she had a daughter Emma with.

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Ryan was engaged to Greenlee who's also Emma's godmother , but she died and then came back and married David out of spite because Ryan had started a relationship with Madison. He also had a child with Kendall, Erica's daughter and by the way, Erica married Greenlee's dad Jackson. But wait! Because Erica's been married just as many times including to Adam and almost fell in love with Caleb, who's the nephew to Palmer Cortland.

And his ex-wife had an affair with Adam. Plus there's the situation with Tad. He lives in a house with two daughters, each from different previous marriages, has a grown up son who was also from a previous marriage, adopted Damon who turned out to be his biological son anyways and had a fling with Liza, who's Colby's mother, who's dating Damon. And then there's the fact Liza's mother married Adam's twin brother while Adam and she were married. It's like one giant loop-de-loop! Started out with salt of the earth Emma Snyder and her six children, which included Holden and Iva.

Holden fell in love with Lily Walsh while working as a stable boy for her rich family. He later learns that that Lily is biologically Iva's daughter from a rape. By her cousin. But it's ok you see, Iva was adopted. Holden and Lily then become a supercouple and the family tree only gets more complicated from there. Days of Our Lives - The Hortons and the Bradys have also intermingled several times to the point where they may as well be one family, even though the writers don't quite see it that way , not to mention several connections with the Kiriakis and DiMera families.

The latter apparently leading to John Black being his own uncle Eastenders - The Fowler-Beale clan was once quite extensive but has largely been supplanted by the extensive Branning-Jackson clan. In fact one character, Liam Butcher, is the blood relative of half the cast due to the fact that his mother Bianca Jackson belongs to both of the aforementioned clans, while his father Ricky Butcher has a few connections of his own.

How about the Mitchells? More just seem to be coming out the woodwork and creating more havoc for Walford Street. There was even a plot about The Secret Mitchell with Ronnie having a long-lost daughter she thought was dead, only for her really die once she finds out the truth. The McQueens from Hollyoaks are an egregious example despite only appearing on-screen for three years with Retcons of course saying they've lived there for over a decade and some members to have actually been McQueens but with different surnames , even having multiracial members and a vengeful son.

It was confirmed with a DNA test. This gave Martin a whole new family, and a total of 2 parents and 3 grandparents. Pablo has a brother, Augusto. Clemente Falsini, Loli's parent, got married with the younger Patricia, who in fact attended high school with Loli. And then Pablo and Patricia had a secret romance, and Pablo left Patricia pregnant, but they told everybody that it was Clemente's son.

One Life to Live : Among the usual twists and turns, Jessica Buchanan is related to CJ and Sarah Roberts through both their father Cord she is Cord's half-sister, making her their half-aunt and their mother Tina who is her half-aunt, making them her half-cousins as well.

Guiding Light : Two women were married to each other's fathers, making them simultaneously each others stepdaughters and stepmothers. Angel has some issues with this as well. Then Angel killed Darla, who was brought back to life as a human.

Then Drusilla sired Darla again, making her—as Dru puts it—both Darla's granddaughter and mother. By extension, this makes Darla Angel's mother and granddaughter and Spike her brother and great-grandchild. Then Angel and Darla screw like bunnies, defy the laws of the natural universe and conceive Connor, Angel's son, who, by the whole siring thing, is also Angel's brother and great-grandson.

And this isn't taking into account that Angel probably sired even more vampires than Dru and Spike, including Penn from the episode "Somnabulist" and, possibly, James and Elizabeth from "Heartthrob". So, theoretically, any on-screen vampire younger than Angel is theoretically "related" to him. Plus, there's the fact that in Buffy Season 7 Spike sired a whole bunch of vamps under the First's control, who may have sired others. Angel also sired at least two other vamps in his past, who may have turned others as well. Cordelia also had at least one other pregnancy that didn't go to term a good thing, since it would have killed her in being born.

And considering Buffy's romantic involvements with both Angel and Spike, it's something of a relief that Buffy Summers and Scott Summers aren't related In many a fanfic, they are, adding a hitherto unmanaged dimension of supernatural weirdness to the whole mess. Fanfic nothing, according to Word Of Joss , in one of the two times he got a chance to write Cyclops, he tried to fit in a bit of dialogue where he references a 'third cousin who thinks she spends her time fighting demons'.

Arrested Development becomes this after several family revelations over its run. Among them: Buster was actually fathered by Oscar Bluth, who he believed to be his uncle. Lindsay was revealed to be adopted in the third season finale, then in the fifth season revealed to also be Lucille's half-sister, sharing the same mother.

Which makes George Michael and Maeby initially believe they are Kissing Cousins until the third season finale, after the revelation that Lindsay was adopted, meaning they are not blood relatives , then backtracked in the fifth season after the revelation that Lindsay is Lucille's half-sister, meaning they are second cousins once removed by blood.

Steve Holt is revealed to be Gob's illegitimate son, making another kissing cousin for Maeby, then similarly stated to not be blood related, then revealed to actually be second cousins once removed. He also has a half-brother Ethan who is the son of Charles and Catherine Parker. Catherine also being the mother of Ms. Parker and her long lost twin brother Mr. The twins thought their father was Mr. Parker but in reality his long lost brother Mr. Raines is their true biological father and Mr.

Raines also had another child Annie with his wife Edna. Oh and Brigitte's son may be the son of Mr. Have you ever tried to draw out the family trees on The O. It's upsetting. At one point Ryan was dating his long-lost illegitimate adoptive aunt. Then got back together with his Marissa, his step-adoptive aunt who later became his biological stepsister.

It should be noted that by the time the spoilered development occurred, Marissa was already dead. Big Love : Thanks to the multiple marriages and multiple wives in the polygamist compound of Juniper Creek—"Prophet" Roman Grant alone has 31 children and grandchildren— figuring out who's related to whom can be an impossibly arduous task. As expressed by one of Roman's wife 's , Adaleen: "I'm my own grandmother.

He somehow ends up making Chase his wife and finding out he died years ago. There was one scene where Old Christine was trying to diagram their family tree if both of these relationships ended in marriage.

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On the Australian comedy-drama Offspring , the Proudman family seems to be getting like this. The father Darcy has two girls Main Character Nina and Billie, who couldn't bear a child with her partner so she got sperm donated from his brother instead, but that went down the gurgler and a boy Jimmy by his estranged wife Geraldine and a son Ray from a one night stand from Nina's work mate Cherie. And now Jimmy has impregnated Nina's other work mate Zara. That's nothing right?

It gets more complicated at the end of Season 2 when it's revealed that Darcy isn't Nina's father. Which makes her not related to baby Ray at all. Years later Karen ends up getting pregnant by Dan's brother Keith. Her daughter, Lily, is technically both Lucas's half-sister and his cousin. Her son Tate ends up impregnating Vivien, who also gets pregnant by her husband Ben on the same day, meaning her twins have different fathers. Meanwhile, Tate falls in love with Vivien and Ben's daughter Violet.

And all of this crazy happens before we bring up the fact that Tate is also a freaking ghost. Amy and Rory are together and have a daughter, Melody, who was named after their childhood best friend, Melody. Amy, however, fancies the Doctor and forces him into a kiss early on. Melody turns out to be River Song, who eventually marries the Doctor and is also Amy's and Rory's best friend Melody, accidentally named after herself. On top of that, Melody's second mother is the TARDIS, who considers herself married to the Doctor and has a rather romantic as well as biologically symbiotic relationship with him.

Things get more complicated when Amy accidentally marries Henry VIII in a throwaway gag — because the Doctor, rather briefly, married Queen Elizabeth I, who happens to be Henry VIII's daughter, making her simultaneously his biological mother-in-law and his step-mother-in-law. And in the middle of all that, the Doctor seems to start fancying Rory a bit and snogs him for no reason.

Gets even more twisted in "The Husbands of River Song", the Doctor and River have both at different points in time been married to Cleopatra. And that's just in-character , before one gets into the Cast Incest implications of Georgia Moffett's appearance as "The Doctor's Daughter". Once Upon a Time has this in spades with Henry. His mom is Emma. His dad is Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin's son. He has five sets of great-grandparents: two from Charming his birth mother Ruth and her husband, Robert; and his adoptive father King George and his wife , one and a half from Snow White her birth parents are King Leopold and Queen Eva, and Leopold's second wife, Henry's step-great-grandmother: Regina, who is also his adoptive mother.

Thus making Henry his own great-uncle. And since the immortal Rumpelstiltskin apparently had a mentor with benefits relationship with Regina's mother, Cora, leading to some speculation that he is Regina's father Charming hangs a big, fat lampshade on the mess by saying it's a good thing the Fairy Tale culture doesn't have Thanksgiving—because that dinner would be awkward as hell.

Season 4 adds Zelena, Regina's half sister, being pregnant via rape by fraud with Robin Regina's love interest. Regina is going to be the step-mother of her niece! Season 5 reveals Belle's pregnancy, adding another uncle, named Gideon in season 6, who's younger than Henry. Then, a few episodes later, along comes Rumplestiltskin's mother! And guess what? She is a fairy — the Black Fairy, to be precise — and is, exactly as expected, complete with evilness.

Rumple had no chance at all!

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Season 7 adds the New Enchanted Forest's Cinderella not the same one from previous seasons , who becomes the mother of Henry's daughter Lucy, and has her own stepmom and stepsisters. Plus the Wish Realm version of Hook who was tricked into sleeping with Mother Gothel and became the father of Alice of an alternate Wonderland and Henry's own Wish Realm counterpart who ends up adopted by Regina. Plus, Wish! Hook's Alice gets engaged to Zelena's daughter Robin. Also, Emma and Hook have a daughter named Hope, Henry's baby half-sister. Throw in the fact that due to time travel and curses, Henry's parents, grandparents, step-grandfather, step-great-grandmother, and new paternal step-grandmother are all approximately the same age late twenties to mid-thirties.

Lampshade Hanging in the episode "Family Business", when Elsa learns the Snow Queen who, incidentally, was also Emma's foster mother for a year, and views her as a surrogate sister is her aunt: Elsa : Her name is Ingrid. I didn't even know my mother had any sisters. I'm as surprised as you are.

Hook : Spend a little more time in this town, love, and you'll realise just about everyone's related. If you marry a widow, and your father marries that widow's daughter, you become your own grandpa Most of the song is working out the relationships when both families start having children. Also, though this isn't pointed out in the song, the two children that are born are simultaneously each other's uncle and nephew, biological both ways, again, without incest.

Mythology and Religion. Pretty much every named character in Classical Mythology can be placed somewhere on one massive and convoluted family tree. This is partly because the "long-running continuity" we're talking about here stretched over centuries of oral tradition and scores of different storytellers, and partly because Zeus slept around a lot , including his sisters. Seriously, on any given family tree he's everyone's ancestor in at least two different places.

It really doesn't help that the Olympian gods, who via traditional and less-than-traditional means birthed the majority of the gods, were children of the Titans, who were themselves the children of Gaia and Ouranos see a pattern? Things got off to a great start as Ouranos already was Gaia's son - she gave birth to him unassisted by any male - so 'his' children, the Titans, the Furies, the Gigantes, the Hekatonchieres, the Cyclopes etc. Family trees became especially convoluted due to Zeus' recurring habit of sleeping with descendants of his — for instance, he fathered the little-known god Zagreus with Persephone, his daughter by his sister Demeter, and Herakles with Alcmene, the granddaughter of his son Perseus.

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To add extra complications, there were several instances of mortal women having children by both their divine lover and mortal husband, often as fraternal twins in at least one case one mother was simultaneously pregnant by Hermes and Apollo in this way , although in one case, it happened with a single child Theseus, who was the son both of the god Poseidon and the mortal King of Athens Aegus, whom his mother Aethra had bedded in the same night.

The most well known example is Leda, whose children were Castor and Clytaimnestra fathered by her husband Tyndareus and Polydeuces and Helen fathered by Zeus Yes, all at once. Leda laid two eggs, as Zeus had mated with her in the form of a swan. And then there were some complicated relationships brought about by the trope of Pair the Spares. For instance according to an Italian tradition, after Odysseus Ulysses to the Italians was killed by Telegonus, his son by Circe, Circe granted immortality to Ulysses' widow Penelope and her son Telemachus.

So Circe and Penelope both became each other's mother and daughter-in-law, and Telemachus and Telegonus each got a nephew who was also their half-brother. Every mythological hero, and everybody who fought at Troy, needed to have the dignity of coming from a line descended from the gods, and so pretty much every mortal lineage was shoehorned into the Olympian clan by some author or by multiple authors, using different genealogies, for added confusion!

Then there's the ancient Greek habit of marrying one's nieces According to some traditions Hephaistos is a son of Zeus and Hera, while according to Hesiod Hera had him without a sperm-donor. According to the most popular myth, Eros is the son of Aphrodite and Ares, another son of Zeus, but Hesiod's "Theogony" makes him one of the oldest of gods, a brother of Gaia brought forth by Chaos.

To make things even worse, the genealogies don't always make sense. For example, Perseus was the great-great-great-great grandson of Belus, whose granddaughter was Andromeda, the wife of Perseus. Any mythology that includes a distinct pantheon can fall into this trope harder than For a single example, see Loki Norse Mythology and his various children, of some of whom he is the father and others the mother. In the modern religion of Wicca, even limiting the pantheon to only two deities does not stop the Tangled Family Tree from cropping up. According to the generally-accepted "Wheel of the Year" symbology, the God is his own father, by the Goddess, who is also his sister.

If you want to keep yourself up for the next few nights, try working out all the relationships that imples—or worse, try to figure out where the God would get his heavenly genes from! How about King Arthur? But Ygraine's first husband was the Duke of Cornwall, which implies some sort of relationship between this family and Mark, who's the Duke of Cornwall when Arthur is king, and is the uncle of Tristram.

And then there's Constantine of Cornwall, who succeeds Arthur as King, and is the son of a different Duke of Cornwall, Cador, who is Arthur's half-brother or cousin and who also raised Arthur's wife Guinevere as his ward. And who may or may not be the same as Cador the father of Kay's wife Andrivete, or Cador the brother of Caradoc the Younger's wife Guinier, both Arthur's knights and the former his foster-brother. Meanwhile, Lancelot is the son of King Ban and his wife Elaine of Benoic, is raised by the Lady of the Lake who could be the one who gave Arthur Excalibur, the one who had a relationship with Merlin, or both , is loved by a woman named Elaine of Astolat, and fathers Galahad on Elaine of Carbonek, who's the daughter of the Fisher King, who's the brother of King Pellinore Percival's father or uncle, and the father of Elaine of Listenoise , whose son Lamorak goes on to have an affair with Arthur, King of Time and Space lampshades how confusing this gets here.

The Bible. Some people have literally spent decades trying to wrap their heads around that mess. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke each give a genealogy for Joseph who is Jesus' stepfather, no biological relation at all, but never mind that However, Matthew claims the descent was through David and then Solomon, while Luke traces it through another son of David, Nathan. Matthew only traces the descent back to Abraham, but Luke goes all the way back to Adam - who, in some translations, is listed as the son of God, which would make him the half-?

The Bible counts some of the maternal ancestors as important as their paternal counterparts. Adam is technically Christ's ancestor, and depending on your religion, his son, since Christ, being the Son of God, is also God in his own right, again, depending upon which religion you follow.

So Adam could be Christ's great x grandfather and his son and half-brother all at once. But that's a bit of a stretch on the norm Made worse when you realize that he had to be a biological heir via Mary to fulfill the prophecy, and also a legal heir under Jewish law to be legitimate. The biology alone is tangled, but the fact that it had to conform to Jewish inheritance law made things even more complicated. The 'mess' might be less of one if you consider that the genetics involving Jesus works on two levels, one pertaining to his God-heritage and one to his human heritage.

Note also that Adam was a creation of God's with Jesus present, just unmentioned , and so was not God's son on quite the same level as Jesus. As a final note, the Davidic genealogies might be divided such that Joseph comes from the line of Solomon and Mary from the line of Nathan through Eli, making Joseph Eli's son-in-law. Find the number [minimum possible number] of guests. The optimal family tree is, of course, very tangled. The Archers has a bit of this going on. The website provides some family trees. Stand-Up Comedy. One of Jeff Foxworthy 's indications of being a redneck: "If your family tree does not fork, you might be a redneck.

Tabletop Gaming. The Scarlet Dynasty from Exalted. Thirteen Houses, each descended from a particular child or consort of the year-old Empress , all of whom are mostly marrying with each other in all shades of Kissing Cousins. And since they live to be and are physically in the prime of their lives until a few years before their deaths, there's a lot of year-olds marrying young year-olds , making for kinship relations more convoluted than almost anywhere else. Try living in Malfeas, the Demon City, where a significant portion of the local vocabulary is devoted to describing such phenomena as being related to someone's twenty-seventh soul, being the whole-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts of hundreds of demon lords , or living in a portion of the landscape that happens to also be your father.

The original Black Box edition of the Ravenloft setting included a series of family trees for such prominent bloodlines as the Boritsis, d'Honaires, Weathermays and Von Zaroviches. As the purpose of these was to seed people's Ravenloft campaigns with story ideas, each tree had several built-in plot hooks, and a few were connected to others through intermarriage or the like.

The Great Houses and their vassal lords in the Inner Sphere in the hex-based tactical game BattleTech is a tangled mess. One particular knot revolves around one Victor Steiner-Davion and his progeny. His mother was daughter to one of the greatest Archons in recent Lyran history, and his father was the Magnificent Bastard of the story. Victor would later sire a son with Omiko Kurita , daughter of the ruling family of the Draconis Combine and ancestral enemy of the Davions and he would only learn of this son long after he had grown to adulthood and Omi had been assassinated.

He would also wed Isis Marik , illegitimate daughter of the "Real" Thomas Marik, of the ruling family of the Free Worlds League, the ancestral enemies of his mother's family. He then fathered three children with her. Enforced with the Navigator houses of Warhammer 40, : the gene that allows Navigators to "see" into the Warp and lets them guide ships through it isn't expressed when a Navigator breeds with a normal human, resulting in massively inbred families and the results aren't pretty: freakishly elongated, blind, and growing a third eye that has to be blindfolded otherwise it instakills anything looking at it.

Video Games. Pirate has perhaps one of the most massive cases of this - all of Monquistia is at least a third cousin of some former king. Their marriages are so twisted and tangled that the family trees look like cobwebs made by drunken spiders. For a fairly short game, Jade Empire packs in a lot of secret relatives of the Emperor. Every single one is introduced well before their particular Reveal. It's a fairly simple tree three brothers, two of whom have daughters , but by the time you learn who the third brother is, you'd be forgiven for thinking everybody 's related to the Emperor somehow.

There's a massive, full-game sidequest in Baten Kaitos where you have to get every member of a dying old man's family to sign their name on their place on his family tree. The man had five wives and had children with all but one who he adopted a single child with , many of whom had more children. There's around 50 NPCs on the tree. Metal Gear Solid features clone sons of Big Boss Separated at Birth , one of whom dies and possesses the arm of another man who had it transplanted onto him after his death , and it turns out Eva was Snake's surrogate mother all along A small family tree, but it gets honorable mention because of how insane it actually is.

Also, every single mook in Metal Gear Solid 1 is related to the Snakes due to genetic engineering! Liquid also mentions how the Gulf War Syndrome was caused by prototypical gene therapy experiments; therefore, Gulf Veterans and their children are also related to the Snakes. Also Solidus, the third brother, who became President. And Solidus is Raiden's adoptive father. Trying to detail the relationships of every character in the Metal Gear series forms an incomprehensible mess which ultimately connects every named character in the series.

Chrono Trigger has this, and is only exacerbated by Chrono Cross : Marle is part of the Guardia royal family. She also has a pendant identical to Schala's, which implies a connection to the Zeal royal family, making Schala and Janus possible relatives as well. Lynx , making her their mother in a figurative sense.

She also adopted Kid, Schala's daughter-clone created while Schala was merged with Lavos in the form of the Time Devourer. To top everything off, all humans are descended from Lavos in multiple senses, as the parasite's planetfall wiped out humanity's competition in prehistory, and contact with the Frozen Flame accelerated human evolution and imbued the magical powers that led to Zeal. The Sims 2 premade neighborhood Strangetown comes with a rather complex family tree. A dead Sim, Glarn Curious, was originally married to Glabe Curious another theory is that she is his sister.

He was abducted by aliens and impregnated by Pollination Technician 9. After giving birth to twins, Glarn left Glabe and married Kitty Hogleg. They had four kids, and the oldest Jenny ended up marrying and having children with Pollination Technician 9 when he crash landed on Earth It gets worse with the sequels. Here is the family tree for those interested. Thanks to Story Progression, it can even happen randomly to players.

The mechanic will pair up any sims Young Adult or older as long as they're not directly related. Since the game is only able to keep track of so many relationship taboos, which often leads to second cousin marriages and the like. Sims can also marry their ex-aunts and uncles since the game only counts them as related if they're married to a relative and become their cousins' step-parent. To complete the circle of fuckery, their child can marry and have kids with the ghost of one of their ancestors. Does your head hurt yet? What makes this even worse is that, thanks to mods, you can even make Sims have children with their siblings or their parents.

Kingdom Hearts : Although one might not count it as a "family" tree, the sheer number of people in the series who are, were, pretended to be, or were semi-kinda-possessed-by-fake Ansem is staggering. Master Xehanort took over Terra's body, becoming the character known as "Xehanort. Not to mention all the many Soras. Birth by Sleep gives us Ventus, who not only looks like Roxas or rather , Roxas resembles him , but whose heart dwells inside of Sora's due to certain circumstances taking place at the end of the game. Additionally, Vanitas, his Enemy Without , shares Sora's face due to the heart of a newborn Sora offering to connect his heart to Ven's after the forcible creation of Vanitas thanks to Master Xehanort left Ven temporarily comatose.

Who are among its ranks? Thirteen Xehanorts brought together across various timelines. Additionally, the plan was to turn Sora into the final member of this group luckily, it was thwarted by a Big Damn Heroes moment from Lea, Axel's original identity , and the original plan for the first Organization XIII was to use the other Nobodies as vessels for Xehanort's heart. Crusader Kings. In a game about feudal Europe and its dynasties where alliances are sealed by marriage , this trope naturally follows. In the sequel, Zoroastrian rulers add in dynastic inbreeding to the mix, just to mess things up more.

Mercifully the direct playable character family link ends there for the game; in the novel and history it continues with Xingcai's mother being the niece of Xiahou Ba, whose father Xiahou Yuan is cousins with Xiahou Dun and Wei leader Cao Cao. Cao Ren has a daughter who marries another one of Sun Jian's sons bringing us full circle. Seen quite a bit in the Dark Parables , where many of the characters from classic fairy tales are either Composite Characters or else related to one another in ways that their original stories did not include.

The absolute epicenter of the family tree earthquake is The Frog Prince , owing to the fact that he was married five times in this universe. The longer the series goes on, the more connections are found between the characters. Another wife was Naida, who was the sister of The Little Mermaid. Meanwhile, Briar Rose belongs to a badass group of warrior women called the Red Riding Hood Sisters ; its members also include Teresa, who is another sister of the Little Mermaid, and Brianne, who turns out to be Beauty , and Emma, who is engaged to Jack the beanstalk guy.

Emma is also a descendant of the girl who became queen because Rumpelstiltskin helped her spin straw into gold. Players may wish to draw up a chart Due to Heroic Lineage and Relationship Values being major hallmarks of the game, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War features rather tangled relationships between both the heroes and the villains, moreso once the second generation hits. Fire Emblem Fates features also rather tangled family relation. On Hoshido side, he is the younger step sibling of Ryoma and Hinoka and older step sibling of Takumi and Sakura.

He is also the paternal half sibling of Lilith and cousin of Azura as their mothers Arete, the Queen of Valla and Mikoto were sisters which make Arete his aunt. Azura, in turn, is the step sister of the Nohr siblings and adoptive sister of the Hoshidan siblings and that's not even going into the children they can have with one another or other people which tangle the tree even more. Visual Novels.

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Princess Waltz. It's hard to get into too much detail without major spoilers, but let's give it a shot. A man and a woman let's call them Bob and Alice got married, and had a son, Charlie. Alice's sister Denise had two daughters, Emily and Faye. When the second generation grew up, Emily married Charlie her cousin , and had a son, Greg.

However, Faye seduced Charlie as well, and had a daughter, Hannah. When Greg and Hannah grew up, they became the protagonist of the game and his primary love interest, Arata and Chris. Interestingly, no one ever mentions this. Now realize that Sayo Yasuda is in a relationship with three of Kinzo's grandchildren, and how those guys are actually connected in the family tree. In the backstory of School Days , thanks to the exploits of Makoto's father Tomaru, practically all the characters in the expanded universe are related to one another.

As shown by this page , Tomaru has someone who is his daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, half-great grandniece and lover. Zero Escape : You have to literally account the 4th dimension to draw Sigma's family tree: Sigma himself exists in both his 22 year old self and 67 year old self, during Virtue's Last Reward , they switch consciousness so you have 67yo Sigma in his 22yo body participating in the Decision Game while his 22yo self takes a place in the third Nonary Game during VLR in his 67yo body.

During the Decision Game, 67yo Sigma falls in love and impregnates Diana with their twins, Phi and Delta, who are then sent back in time, so they both participate in the Decision Game as participant and mastermind respectively by the time it happens. When Kyle wants a mother, Sigma creates a robot called Luna, made to the similarity of Diana who falls in love with Sigma, while he sees her as another daughter that was meant to be a mother to Kyle, who goes on to see Akane as his real mother.

So yeah, things are complex. In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! Molly shares a tiny bit of genetic material with Bob's girlfriend Jean, making Jean her biological mother "just a little bit.

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Molly built a sentient robot named Roofus, who regards her as his mother, which makes Bob and Jean his grandparents. Roofus now lives on another planet, being raised by Bob's alien friend Voluptua, whom Molly addresses as "Auntie Voluptua. She is also Jean's biological daughter "just a little bit" just as Molly is. Galatea addresses Bob as "Uncle. Molly now also has a second clone sister named Djali "Jolly" , short for Djaliana, who was grown by Galatea. Jolly looks like her sisters except for being a couple of hundred feet tall.

Despite being grown by Galatea, she still considers Jean her mother. But the growing family tree was explicitly pointed out prior to any major revelation about the rabbit's side of things. At that point there was Kevin the rabbit and his wife Kell the wolf , each of whom had a kid from a previous marriage, plus Kell's brother Ralph who got married to Martha and turned out to be the father of Corrie , not to mention some budding romances and cloning going around, and Note that's out of date, currently we have George Fennec married to Danielle, a human-turned-rabbit who is an alternate version of Kevin's sister who has a human son, Lindesfarne married the bat Fenton and now has a half-hedgehog, half-bat daughter, Corrie and Bruno have adopted a chameleon, plus add in Kevin's Mother marrying their world's version of DB Cooper Yes, really , who's a squirrel.

Ellen has two fathers one adoptive and four mothers three adoptive , and one of her mothers is her brother. That's not including the crazy Immortal and an alternate version of her brother, which would put her at three fathers and five mothers. Beat that. Grace on the subject of Ellen : "Elliot's the mommy, the diamond was the doctor who delivered Ellen, and Tedd's the daddy! Wait a minute If Tedd's the daddy Oh my gosh! I'm a mommy! Her "grandfather" replaced some of the DNA she was supposed to be cloned from with that of his dead daughter—Grace's "mother" and namesake.

Not the graceful steps she might have retained from a childhood ballet class, which she assures me she never took. Over the last year, movement has been an important way for Gilbert to break herself free of this mindset. But the dancing? That started as a way to cope with the loss of her partner, Rayya Elias, who died in of pancreatic and liver cancer, at age In an indirect way, Elias happens to be the reason Gilbert, now almost 50, has chosen our meeting spot, Ludlow House, an upscale private club and coworking space in SoHo.

After Elias was diagnosed with cancer, Gilbert, who grew up in Connecticut but has lived in Manhattan on and off for the past 30 years, needed somewhere else in the city to be , where she could retreat when grief and caretaking got overwhelming. Ludlow House, with its low-slung red velvet couches where members can huddle with open laptops beneath a painting of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton, presented a convenient solution. She appears in the lobby wearing a leather motorcycle jacket to ward off a persistent mid-May rain, a turtleneck sweater with inviting pockets, loose velour pants, and a sturdy pair of boots.

Her own hair has changed. It seems to me the bob of a woman who has spent the last six years immersed in a novel about the theater world of s New York, which she has. One of the great pleasures of City of Girls is that it takes women seriously — women whose lives might otherwise be passed over for being too frivolous, on the one hand, or too transgressive, on the other. The beating heart of the novel, out now, is Vivian Morris, an octogenarian reminiscing about her glory days at the behest of a young woman who wonders what Vivian meant to her father, way back when.

The point is that there are shows. Energized by the freedom of the women around her, Vivian jumps into the fray, offering her skills as a tailor to create costumes out of scraps and enjoying as many sexual encounters with men as she pleases. Indeed, the sex in City of Girls is plentiful, exploratory, and — just once — queer. I list all the romantic and sexual relationships that I can think of in the novel, since it covers a lot of ground: casual sex, monogamy, romantic friendship, queer partnership, conventional hetero marriage. They bring problems. What are you going to do about the problem of sex?

The modern version of professional and social ruination, however, came to the fore for Gilbert as she watched MeToo allegations roll out in Although she finally has the chance to explore her desire for Celia, Vivian betrays one of her dearest friends in the process, the glamorous stage actor Edith Parker Watson. You are the type of woman who cannot be a friend to another woman, Vivian, because you will always be playing with toys that are not your own. In her characteristic openness, Gilbert has already addressed how desire occasionally put her on a crash course for affairs and adultery.

It should. It should call you to your own attention. She rattles down dirt roads in a bus designed for kindergartners, remembering fondly everything her lovers taught her in bed while the men bump amiably along next to one another, greeting one another in turn. City of Girls is also the first novel Gilbert has ever written as a kind of riposte to her critics.

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